Strategic Management with Simulation

Experience the new Simultrain® to sharpen your strategic management skills

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Experiential Options

You probably noticed by now that we're really excited about this new program. It is contemporary, relevant and totally mesmerizing! And, there are so many ways that you can make this right for your people. Here are a few of our suggestions:

This program can be orchestrated in a:

  • Two-hour session,
  • Half-day program, or
  • All-day workshop.


  • Executive Retreat - Want to stretch your top people with a meaningful activity? While the objective of this program is to work together and turn a $10 million dollar company into a $30 million dollar business, some strategic whizzes have turned this into a $300,000 operation. What can your team do?
  • Leadership Development - Bring together your most promising leaders for a hands-on, safe learning experience which will sharpen their management skills, decision-making tactics, project planning and execution control and they'll learn trust and team building while they're at it.
  • Management Training - The two-hour version, coupled with training focused on business communications, and critical thinking and decision making makes a great management training program.
  • Project Management Booster - This simulation can be integrated into any of our PM programs from the introductory level to the Program Director level and PDUs will be earned from the Project Management Institute towards PMP certification. Project and portfolio managers, senior managers, business developers, analysts, and business school students benefit from the SimulTrain® Strategic Management program.
  • Executive Coaching - This SimulTrain® Strategic Management with simulation program is a highly effective discussion starter for our one-on-one executive coaching, as well. It helps identify specific areas of need for the coach and executive.

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