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Workplace Writing

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Writing creates a persona and is critical to effective communications through e-mail, letters and business documents. Workplace Writing is designed to improve an individual's grammar, spelling, word usage and sentence structure. Participants will learn to target their writing style to their audience while maintaining the intention of the written document. They will have an opportunity to review documents, analyze how errors can affect the content of a message and correct writing mistakes to increase the effectiveness of delivering a core thought. By understanding the audience, and analyzing the purpose of the document, participants will improve the effectiveness of their writing.

Learning Objectives

  • Clarify the writing objective
  • Implement the five-step writing process
  • Create documents tailored to the subject, audience, and purpose
  • Review writing mechanics
  • Impart information through the written product, purpose, reader engagement, and clarity
  • Write to assess options, facilitate decision-making, and persuade the reader
  • Effectively present data and technical information
  • Finalize the end product through proofreading, editing, and critiquing

Topics & Content

  • Personal brand/impression management
  • Guidelines for creating coherence and unity in text
  • Parts of an effective document
  • Using active voice
  • Proper punctuation and sentence structure
  • Proper flow in document design
  • Avoiding common spelling errors
  • Purpose, contents, clarity, and flow of a document
  • Best use of graphics, charts, images in a document
  • Copy-editing techniques
  • The difference between editing and revising
  • The five-step writing process

Course Information

Course Code: PD203
Duration: 2 days
Targeted Audience: This course is ideal for all personnel in the private or public workforce at any level.

  • CBRN - 14 CEU(s)
  • OPM - 14 CLP(s)
  • PMI - 14 PDU(s)
  • SHRM - 14 PDC(s)

Course Feedback

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?

"The writing process".

Active voice review, grammar/punctuation review


All of it

All parts of the workshop were helpful

Doing the exercises so that I could practice the writing techniques.

E-mail communication

Eliminating wordiness

Good overall concepts

Great class

Group activities.

Group discussion and examples given during the lecture

Group discussions and debates

How the topics can be applied to my current work

I enjoyed the two days of class - all was beneficial to me

I like that we went over a few slides and then we did it.

In our organization a lot of our communication is done through writing. Sometimes information is not delivered within our writing that is clear. This class provided some tools/techniques to help our written communication within the organization.

It's been a while since I've written that much with actual pen and paper - a skill sometimes lost in our e-mail centric environment.

Learning the difference between i.e. and e.g.

Learning to revise/rewrite sentences; be more clear and concise manner. Also applies to email

Performing exercises to reinforce material.

Pre-write, colons, semi-colons; the editing process, dashes

Proper use of punctations.

Puncuation, word usage and reduction, actually writing.

Review of writing techniques and mechanics.

Some of the vocabulary and the use of the semicolon.


The email discussion.

The exercises and worksheets.

The exercises because they really help the lessons sink in.

The graphics analyzer was a new tool I hadn't used before.

The group activities were most beneficial/valuable to me, as they provided prompt, hands-on practice of concepts, and the ability to interface with coworkers for greater insights.

The group workshops.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided examples that were easy to follow.

The part with grammatical corrections

The practical application/exercises after each objective.

The punctuation because I always struggle with adding commas in the correct places.

The refresh on grammar.

The section on, use, colons, semicolons, parentheses, etc. Discussion about email, particularly the varying views on what is or should be standard.

The use of semicolons.

The way John presented the material... Excellent!

The written exercises provided an opportunity to reinforce the learning objectives.

To be clear, concise and coherent in all written communications. Guidelines for effective emails.

WIIFM; WIIFO; Three C's, Action Verbs (passive and active)


What improvements should be made to the workshop?

Advanced material

Can't think of any.

Change to government writing; learn to write performance based actions

Correct/ensure there are no typos, errors in the training materials, especially the documents that require student revisions

Different topic for the class. Change "technical writing" to focus on white papers, journals, Quad charts for project funding or other Navy/engineering/science written documents.

Exercises could be more clear

I don't think this needs to be 2 days. A lot of the material isn't beneficial if you already know it.

I know this is brand-new, but some of the questions/worksheet sentences were utterly nonsensical even with the changes we were being asked to make. For example question on the last page 14.

I thought the workshop was well structured with lecture, class discussion, participation and exercises

Less editing and more creative writing.

Less grammar, no need to intensely focus on comments (hopefully).

Make sure slides and exercises are free of misspellings, or words, etc...

Material was quite dry at times.

More breaks on the hour.

More breaks, make it one day.

More emphasis on "technical" vocabulary.

More group involvement.



Not instructor, put last exercise may need a little more time or have us write a half page rather than a full page.

Not really an improvement but I would have liked to explore the texting portion of the instruction

Perfect class

Slides weren't as useful as they could be.

The discussion about texting seemed a major sidetrack. The 2 vocabulary exercises were extremely frustrating, as the answers were less than clear, (unfamiliar words) and the instructor could always give a clear reason for why the "right" answer was correct.

The name of the course versus a context. Was taught more about grammar than writing technically.

The workshop can be extended to 3 days to allow more in-depth training on some topics

This is not a technical writing course, is a fundamental refresher. Doesn't needs to be 2 days.

Though very comprehensive and informative, I originally expected this course to give greater experience with writing technical reports (lab experiments, findings, etc.). If possible, expanding on a few reports would be very insightful, as it would give even greater understanding of the technical writing process.

Comments and suggestions for the facilitators

Appreciate the enthusiasm.

Best SEDP instructor.

Can't think of any suggestions - very well done.

Effective listener. Related our experience to topics covered effectively

Enjoyed your enthusiasm and interaction

Good job!

Great briefing skills!

Great job - active and enthusiastic. Related well to the audience.

Great job, great class - thank you for your training.

Great presentation

Great presentation


Impressed with the instructor personalizing the workshop by using names.

In enjoyed your teaching style, and I hope that you have a safe trip home.

Informative and interesting workshop

Instructor was engaged and engaging

It was an excellent class - Susan kept my attention at all times

Keep up the good work.

Kept us engaged through the class.

None at this point.

She was very professional.

Susan was very knowledgeable and informative during all aspects of the course. I enjoyed the workshop

Thank you for the snacks!

The instructor's ability to keep the class engaged on a subject that is typically boring was impressive.

Very engaging, fun and knowledgeable.

Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Very knowledgeable.

Very professional with real-world experiences.

Your presentation skills made a boring subject much more tolerable.

Imagine that a coworker asks: what was the workshop like for you? How will you respond?

A good refresher on skills I haven't thought about using in years.

A good review of business writing principles; good info on what to think about when preparing a document

After having experienced many writing courses, this was a great refresher

Best SEDP class.

Could have been more government oriented



Great course to polish writing skills.

Great way to refresh writing skills.

I enjoyed the class. The facilitator was enthusiastic and kept the audience engaged. Time flew by

I enjoyed the workshop and would attend again

I enjoyed the workshop. You need to be open to what is being shared. Good refresher and information. "You must be open to learning."

Informative but a little dry. Yes, beneficial in learning writing skills (refresher).

Informative, if necessary.

It reinforced good practices I currently have and fine-tuned others I'm developing

It was educational; structured, and informative

It was great. The material presented was very helpful. The opportunity to practice writing and receive feedback was invaluable.

It was informative and very helpful. Susan is an excellent facilitator.

It was interesting, kept my attention and covered topics that are relevant to my everyday work and private life

It was like a refresher English course in college. Good information and exercises.

It was okay, but too long.

It was very informative - learned or relearned a lot of techniques and skills.

It was very useful and relates to our job well. Required but not terribly dry. We had fun. This is probably one of the more applicable trainings.

It will help you revisit writing mechanics.

Long. Could be shortened to a single day. Was dragged out for no reason.

Should have signed up. Very beneficial to our job

Slow pace. Lots of writing activities; be prepared for some to be frustrating.

Some refresher, some I didn't know. You should go.

The presenter did a great job unfortunately the course is structured so that the majority will not be used. Could benefit networking.

The workshop provided me with a great educational experience. I gain valuable information and skills to we use that work and abroad. It also provided a much-needed break in the office monotony. I highly recommend that you take this course!

The workshop was a good review of basic grammar and punctuation mechanics, as well as a reinforce of remembering important writing principles that we often lose over time

The workshop was a pleasurable experience; it was a refreshing refresher of the basics as it pertains to grammar.

The workshop was very informative. I would refer this course to many customer (program managers) who we work with

Valuable for those new to the working world.

Very beneficial!

Very helpful.

Worth taking the course.

Yes... Definitely.

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