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Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership addresses the charismatic and affective elements of leadership. Participants learn behaviors associated with outstanding leadership and how the four “I’s”*, the cornerstones of Transformational Leadership, are used to solve challenging problems and lead positive change in their sphere of influence. One of the most popular leadership models of today, Transformational Leadership emphasizes intrinsic motivation and follower development. Today’s work groups want to be inspired and empowered to succeed in these times of uncertainty—leadership in times of change.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe leadership concepts and interpret the Full Range Leadership model
  • Differentiate the four cornerstones of transformational leadership
  • Demonstrate transformational leadership behaviors
  • Create a personal leadership development plan to raise your transformational leadership skills

Topics & Content

  • Leadership concepts
  • The Full Range Leadership Model
  • Ineffective to highly effective leadership
  • The four cornerstones of transformational leadership
  • Definitions and leadership examples
  • Transformational leadership behaviors
  • Group discussions and problem solving are integrated throughout the workshop

Course Information

Course Code: PD108
Duration: 4 hours
Targeted Audience: Executives, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Emerging Leaders

  • OPM - 4 CLP(s)
  • PMI - 4 PDU(s)
  • SHRM - 4 PDC(s)

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