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Time Management

Time Management is designed for professionals who need to organize their work time in order to maximize productivity. Time management helps people prioritize multiple tasks, learn how to deal with activities that decrease work efficiency, and develop their own individualized plan to overcome personal procrastination tendencies.

Learning Objectives

  • Set and accomplish realistic goals
  • Set priorities and identify barriers
  • Get organized and stay that way
  • Improve concentration and efficiency
  • Maintain a reasonable work load by managing expectations
  • Prioritize tasks based on degree of importance and urgency
  • Use structured time management techniques
  • Recognize compulsive behaviors and how they negatively impact time management
  • Avoid time wasting activities
  • Getting organized, the key to time management
  • How to make quick, informed decisions
  • Develop an individualized action plan to improve time management

Topics & Content

  • Explore the psychology of your time management style
  • Get organized and stay that way
  • Setting realistic goals and objectives
  • Prioritizing when there is too much to do
  • Procrastination Profile - a self-assessment
  • Preventing procrastination
  • Improve concentration
  • Becoming more efficient
  • Create strategies to meet with everyday demands
  • Avoiding the paperwork avalanche
  • Coping with interruptions
  • Ten techniques for time management
  • Dealing with telephone and email interruptions
  • Making meeting time count

Course Information

Course Code: PD110
Duration: 4 hours
Targeted Audience: Team Leaders, Supervisors, and Employees

  • OPM - 4 CLP(s)
  • PMI - 4 PDU(s)
  • SHRM - 4 PDC(s)

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