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Strategic Planning

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Leaders and experts agree that strategic planning is a critical component of good management and governance. It helps assure that an organization remains responsive and relevant to the needs of its stakeholders, and contributes to organizational growth. Strategic planning facilitates new program development and provides a basis of monitoring progress, assessing results and evaluating its impact. It enables an organization to look into the future in a systematic way. This workshop helps the leadership team set policies and goals that will guide the organization, providing a clear focus to the management team and staff.

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate the need for strategic plans
  • Apply "Scenario Planning"
  • Apply the 10-Step Strategic Planning Process
  • Define the organization's values and future state
  • Select planning process participants
  • Practice external environmental scanning
  • Envision the future
  • Prepare a SWOT Analysis
  • Identify and prioritize issues
  • Develop action plans

Topics & Content

  • Planning a changing environment
  • Long-term versus short-range planning
  • Mintzberg's Planning Model
  • The 10-Step Strategic Planning process
  • SWOT analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Scenario Planning technique

Course Information

Course Code: LD302
Duration: 1 day
Targeted Audience: Leaders and management teams that wish to develop strategic plans for their organization.

  • CBRN - 7 CEU(s)
  • OPM - 7 CLP(s)
  • PMI - 7 PDU(s)
  • SHRM - 7 PDC(s)

Course Feedback

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?


Examples of transformational leadership; learning about the leader's roles in strategy focused leadership.

Giving me the tools and language to talk about and develop a strategic plan.

Learning the SWOT approach. Talking about the 4 I's of Transformational Leadership. 3-5 year goal exercise.

SWOT exercise for our division.

Strategic planning process steps and SWOT analysis.

The 4 I's of Transformational Leadership.

The 4 I's of Transformational Leadership.

The exercises and group activities that allowed for the practice of learned concepts.

The morning session where we learn about coming up with a strategic plan.

The team activities and examples of leaders.

Understanding SWOT

Well documented and logical step-by-step process for strategic planning was conveyed.

What improvements should be made to the workshop?

A short bibliography (some references) would be useful.

Add an interactive exercise around developing people where creating trust. I didn't get a lot out of the group decision-making scenario (the promotion example).

Could have tailored more exercises for our particular division.

Did not lie the decision-making exercise - a little more discussion on ranking and waiting would be helpfu.

I thought it was very valuable and gave me tools and skills that I can apply right away.

Informative and motivating.

It was a lot to put into one day. May have been better as a two-day class.

It was great as is.

It would be good if the provided material had more details and references.

More "out of you chair" activities.

Needs to focus on the strategic planning - the exercise on picking someone to promote and then the leadership discussion did not apply to stated intent of class to learn how to do a strategic plan.

Shorten a bit.

Tailor the group activity more towards the specific mission of the organization.

Comments and suggestions for the facilitators

Great instructor! I like his style of communication.

He is really good! Knowledgeable! Excellent!

How about a short video or two - perhaps of inspirational speeches or examples of bad strategic plans.

No, pretty good; informative.


See if physical activity is possible.

Thank you for outlining this!

Would have liked to follow through with a strategic plan. I felt we got off-topic.

Imagine that a coworker asks: what was the workshop like for you? How will you respond?

A few good and very important things to think about as a manager were outlined.

I definitely would recommend; would like to bring it to my organization.

It was great learning and should attend if they get an opportunity.

Nice class with a good mix of lecture and group exercises. Very good introduction to strategic plan.

Reinforced the need to connet more with our employees.

Some interesting concepts, I woud suggest grade a.

The workshop was informative and has provided me with tools to develop and execute a strategic plan.

Very good - should be required for all supervisors. Good blend from agency down to branch level of applicability.

Very supportive.

Well worth your time.

Would recommend only if they desired leadership training part.

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