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Project Management Foundations

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This workshop is designed to give the participant the skills and tools to consistently be an effective project manager. The participant will receive guidance through the entire project life cycle, learning to gain "buy-in" from sponsors, create a tactical plan, and manage project scope changes and challenges. The participant will learn how to communicate the appropriate information to the various stakeholders throughout the project life cycle.

Learning Objectives

  • Employ core PM tools
  • Peform stakeholder analysis
  • Define the project's strategic value to the entity
  • Prepare project scope statement
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Create a tactical project plan
  • Schedule milestones and activities
  • Practice risk analysis
  • Apply learning to participant's project
  • Reduce scope changes
  • Eliminate waste and re-work

Topics & Content

  • Project management vocabulary
  • Reasons for project failure
  • Stakeholder management grid
  • Life cycle phases
  • Project scope statement
  • Work breakdown structure
  • PERT estimating technique
  • Activity relationships
  • Network diagramming
  • Critical path
  • Schedule development
  • Risk analysis
  • Case study and other exercises
  • PM tools and techniques

Course Information

Course Code: PM101
Duration: 2 days
Targeted Audience: Novice project managers and anyone interested in PM

  • CBRN - 14 CEU(s)
  • OPM - 14 CLP(s)
  • PMI - 14 PDU(s)
  • SHRM - 14 PDC(s)

Course Feedback

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?

An example of WBS and Network graph creation

Critical path and network diagram

Groupwork with peers

I can use some of the tools

John covered a lot of aspects of PM. I liked that he gave many real world examples and then had us practice on a sample scenario.

Project discussions with colleagues

Project management concepts and tools

Risk assessment plan. Useful, but lacked proper introduction to the tool.

The knowledge to use in program and how to make the project easier to manage and prepare.

The overall understanding of how project management works

The planning part was very useful as we were introduced to a new way of planning.

The program was very general about program management and learned the basics. For my programs, I will need to go more granular and will need to learn more software skills and need to take another class on this. This class is applicable for someone who needs to know the basics on fundamentals of project management and risk assessment.

The skills learned will definitely be applicable to my work and personal lives. It made me consider management of projects in a different way.

The tools presented during this program are very useful and easy to implement.

Tips and tricks

Tool kit

Understanding of basic principles of PM methodology

Use of Management tools

Very practical and problem solving oriented.

WBS concept was really great. This can help manage many tasks.

Working in groups was very helpful.

What improvements should be made to the workshop?

A more prepared and dedicated facilitator.

Another day of MS Project training would enable to use the knowledge gained in my daily work.

Better facilitator with better communication skills. Not from IT background but from Shared Services so that the examples can be applicable for as well, different case study that could be something that happened in our company.

Case study should be exchanged with another type of project. Too much time spent on communication, I would expect to concentrate more on different technical practical topics.

Communication plan was not reviewed and it was a subject needed for the training.

Definitely training materials which are really confusing - too many workbooks. Examples are in different worksheets instead follow in one.

I don't think we needed to have both a sample scenario and then our own project for every portion, maybe we could have switched between the two for every task.

I will suggest different facilitator for project management courses.

It would've been a lot better to have this class in a training room instead of the building lounge. This location is too noisy for the purpose of a training class.

More people attending to share more real-life experiences/projects.

Project management is individual-there should be no answer key with right and wrong, as if it was a mathematics class.

Provide handouts at class instead of having us print them - an extremely minor detail, I know, but would have been very helpful!

Provide instructions on how to use the tool. That would make the tools useful instead of just starting of practical exercises without introduction.

Since the facilitator has vast PM experience, I was expecting a lot more practical examples - not to show "theory how it's done" but to show reality - practical examples & lessons learned from them. Overall the course would be very helpful to people who have never touched PM at all so the fault lies also in slightly different expectations.

The facilitator was very experienced in Project Management, but a very poor trainer, only reading the text from the book, couldn't keep the audience engaged and didn't explain half of the things from the materials. The content of the training was really good, but I was very disappointed with the "trainer".

Comments and suggestions for the facilitators

He seemed a bit confused and unfamiliar with the material.

I missed better introduction to the tools, specifically on how to use the tools. Likewise, the training did not target our issues.

The facilitator was not engaged, not completely organized and did not know the teaching material by heart. Engagement and organization are key fundamentals in the hand-out materials.

The facilitator was very knowledgeable but not able to transfer all knowledge to the group, therefore some concepts and tools were not easy to understand.

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