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Project Management Essentials

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PM Essentials is designed to give participants the skills and tools needed to improve his or her project management (PM) success from kickoff through completion. This is a hands-on workshop where participants learn and apply essential PM techniques to a case study before applying them to their own project. Based on the top reasons that projects fail, the content of this workshop will increase project success. By the end of the day, learners will have a personal project plan workbook ready for immediate application.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a project plan for a personal project
  • Apply essential project management techniques to their project
  • Create a risk management plan
  • List project work packages
  • Prioritize project work
  • Develop a project work schedule
  • Examine the role of the stake holder
  • Manage expectations through communication
  • Use the critical path to manage a project

Topics & Content

  • Why projects fail
  • Project startup and scope
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Communication plan
  • Project work packages
  • Work prioritization
  • Critical path and its importance to project management
  • Schedule development
  • Project risk identification
  • Risk management

Course Information

Course Code: PM106
Duration: 1 day
Targeted Audience: Anyone interested in PM

  • CBRN - 7 CEU(s)
  • OPM - 7 CLP(s)
  • PMI - 7 PDU(s)
  • SHRM - 7 PDC(s)

Course Feedback

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?

All of it.

Communication plan, Gantt chart.

Critical path, risk analysis/issue.

Different forms and parts of project management

Evaluating risks

Exercises/real-life scenarios.

Group activities which allowed our teams to brainstorm answers to various prices.

Group activities, textbook

Group activities.

Group exercises that demonstrate key concepts

Group work

Group work and exercises provided in-person experience with a new concept

Had the opportunity to work through key concepts to get a better understanding of material.

Hands on exercises.

Hands on workshop.

I enjoyed that the instructor talked about our real-world scenarios.

I enjoyed the group activities.

I enjoyed the stories and information. Thought it was informative.

I found the risk management portion very interesting and informative.

I thought doing examples provided insight into applications and usefulness in various diagrams.

Importance of WBS and its uses among other activities such as costs by interval, RACI, critical path.

In-class group projects were very beneficial in learning concepts

It went through the basics well.

Learning about project management

Learning about the Gantt chart.

Learning how to request funding and create statements of work. This is a core practice of our company.

Project time management, using the Microsoft Project software

Risk Management

Risk management

Some examples that were provided.

Team exercises.

Terminology, methodology, frameworks are industry standards.

The amount of detail the instructor went into explaining each concept

The discussions of quality and Six Sigma

The group exercises were most beneficial

The network scheduling exercise.

The real life examples

To have an eye on quality

Understanding how to determine time and put together network charts.

Working in groups, was good to see in practice how principles might show up

What improvements should be made to the workshop?

16 x 9 slides, further group activity.

A little shorter.

Although interesting, I don't know if the history of some of the methods needs to be said.

Assume a basic understanding is known of project management

Condense the material

Don't know.

Fixing the projector.

I think an integral part of learning project management is through exercises. I think it'd be beneficial to make this 2 days with a bigger exercise component.

I thought this workshop covered the appropriate amount of material.

Incorporate into the slide deck the slide which was added after question. Also incorporate the Titanic material into the handout.

It's my experience that we focus on proposing projects over managing a team. More focus on this practice would be appreciated.

Keeping team activities to a shorter time

Less time 4-5 hours

Make it shorter

Maybe go more in what the company does if that's possible?

Maybe less time spent doing group activities. Too much down time.

More group activities to break up the lecture

More real-life examples throughout, not just at the end.

No suggestions.



None - excellent.





Some collective perspective of issues in an organization like ours and how to tackle in a practical world.

Splitting the course over 2 days would make paying attention much easier.

Comments and suggestions for the facilitators

16 x 9 slides.

A few ums and uhs (very few). Took several tries before hypothetical PMs were female in anecdotes.

Cannot make the class better. Was skeptical as this was project management and was expecting it to be dry.

Enjoyed the class

Examples helped a lot!

Great class

Great class!

Great instructor, great presentation skills, connected with class. Good use of exercises

Great instructor; great examples; very interesting. I was impressed that John knew our names and the details we shared about ourselves during the introductions and weaved that into the class.

Great job the class was very informative

Interesting - best instructor I have had in quite a while.

It was good. I like the stories.

John is a true professional and excellent presenter.

John, you did a fantastic job.

Keep personal stories short

Knowledgeable, informative

Nice work explaining risk management.

No suggestions.

None - excellent.


One or two jokes to change the environment

The instructor was great and very knowledgeable.

Very enjoyable day. Thank you.

Very knowledgeable and engaging presenter

Very knowledgeable of the material. Good speaker, easy to talk to and kept the class engaged.

Your experience/stories help and are quite interesting

Imagine that a coworker asks: what was the workshop like for you? How will you respond?

Allowed me to better understand and utilize the PM processes and techniques.

Beneficial/worthwhile, engaging.

Enjoyable experience, reinforced areas of PM and project planning, and communication.

Excellent class and instructor and a great overview of project management essentials.

Great, informative, must have.

I learned a lot.

I will let them know how informative it was and share some of the knowledge I learned.


Informative and helpful yet mildly long. You must take this class. Good use of your time.

Informative class on project management.

Informative without being overbearing

Interesting and useful for the future

Is a good start to get to know the world of PM

It was a little long and some parts lost my attention but overall good

It was good, worth taking.

It was very beneficial and provided helpful information on the basics of project management

It was very informative and I recommend it to others.

It was very interesting and related well to our job

Learned basics in project management

Sufficient for an introduction to Project Management

Thought that this workshop is relatable to everyday life.

Very good information to take back and apply on the job.

Very helpful for understanding projects from multiple perspectives. Also helpful for personal project management.

Very informative and practical.

Very informative in the essentials and enjoyable.

Very informative; gave me the project management essentials I need for my team.

Very interesting, worthwhile to attend

Was very useful for my project

Worth attending

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