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For over 20 years Merit has helped leaders around the world reach their management, communications, and training goals. We provide live instruction on your site, Virtual Instructor Led Synchronous (VILT), and web-based training for 24/7 access. We also offer a blended delivery method to best suit your needs. Below are some of the many topics that we regularly deliver:

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Project Management Fundamentals (3 days)


Course Score: 4.78 of 5

Project Management with Simulation Executive Overview (1 day)


Course Score: 4.53 of 5

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?

Pace, Reminders.

Provided a stimulating group experience. I like mini-lecture on how the brain decides.

Playing a game with real people we do not know is realistic.

Teambuilding, pace - cause all team members to feel urgency to make project decisions.

The tool was great. Loved it!

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Project Management Foundations with Simulation (2 days)


Course Score: 4.46 of 5

Project Management Overview with Simulation (3 days)


Course Score: 4.26 of 5

Project Management Essentials (1 day)


Course Score: 4.86 of 5

Comprehensive Project Management Workshop (5 days)


Course Score: 4.13 of 5

Stakeholder Management and Communications Planning (1 day)


Course Score: 4.57 of 5

Schedule and Cost Control (2 days)


Course Score: 4.62 of 5

Agile Project Management (2 days)


Course Score: 4.73 of 5

Identifying and Managing Project Risks (1 day)


Course Score: 4.52 of 5

Project Cost Estimating (2 days)


Course Score: 4.65 of 5

Identifying and Managing Project Risks (2 days)


Course Score: 4.83 of 5

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?

Group exercise and discussions. Examples and scenarios.

Mix of exercises and lecture was a good blend good mix of attendees and involvement.

Exercises and discussions.

Scenarios were very applicable to the material.

Case study.

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Project Cost Estimating (3 days)


Course Score: 4.9 of 5

Project Leadership (2 days)


Course Score: 4.69 of 5