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Project Management with Simulation Executive Overview

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In Merit’s Project Management with Simulation Executive Overview, the experience of managing projects is brought to life. The project requirements, the resource constraints, timing and budgeting challenges, everyday interruptions, and sudden changes that emerge, are all included in the simulation. Using SimulTrain ®, a computer-based simulator, is invigorating, exciting, a bit stressful, and very engaging. You will be able to apply your learning and team-building skills immediately. Participants always leave the day saying they just didn’t realize how engaging a project management learning experience could be.

Learning Objectives

  • Experience leading a project in its entirety on a daily basis
  • Manage stakeholders
  • Set up and manage priorities
  • Allocate resources
  • Appraise task progress and quality
  • Revise the project plan
  • Make decisions as a group
  • Negotiate among the goals in cost, schedule, quality, motivation and risk.
  • Manage conflict within the team
  • Assess team spirit
  • Evaluate communication and motivation among the team members

Topics & Content

  • Project execution and control
  • The Triple Constraint
  • Activity network
  • Gantt chart
  • Budget management
  • Schedule management
  • Resource scheduling
  • Time management
  • Decision-making
  • Conflict resolution
  • Risk management
  • Personnel management
  • Negotiation
  • Teamwork
  • Stakeholder management

Course Information

Course Code: PM103
Duration: 1 day
Targeted Audience: This course is ideal for those involved in and managing projects: Novice or advanced project managers, Project team leaders, Project team members, and Senior Managers

  • CBRN - 7 CEU(s)
  • OPM - 7 CLP(s)
  • PMI - 7 PDU(s)
  • SHRM - 7 PDC(s)

Course Feedback

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?

Pace, Reminders.

Team building, however there was a lack of interaction between the other teams.

Using the tool showed how changing resources affect other aspects of a project; the discussion sessions were good too.

Simulation, working as a team.


Simulation and interactions with team members.

The simulation and the presentation.

Provided a stimulating group experience. I like mini-lecture on how the brain decides.

Actually doing the simulation.


Hands-on activities.

The simulation itself. It would be nice to set task priority though.

Viewing technology that integrates business concepts.

Working as a team together.

Exposure to new program.

The simulation was a great learning experience.

The networking, the presentation, the simulation exercise and knowing all the overall components that we have to worry about as a PM.

Realizing how the human resource management and motivation theory can affect project completion.

Opportunity to explore new simulation tool and learn about peers’ experiences with PM and risk management.

Really enjoyed working with simulator.

The SimulTrain software.

Instructor between simulations.

Dealing with unforeseen circumstances, feedback on decisions made.

The immediate feedback provided by the software so you experience cause and effect so quickly.

The resource allocation exercise.

Playing a game with real people we do not know is realistic.

Teambuilding, pace - cause all team members to feel urgency to make project decisions.

The tool was great. Loved it!

The simulation.

The schedule and resources. Including the Gantt chart.

The software part was valuable and the end explanation was good.

Being thrown obstacles and forced to do some reworking like real life.

This was my first experience with project management, and the hands-on experience was extremely helpful.

The practical experience of my real-life team members.

What improvements should be made to the workshop?

More team discussions outside of the simulator, handouts for on-screen lessons.

Some of the situations seemed biased to an overly accommodating posture to team members at the expense of project success.

Suggestions made to program. Opportunity to explore software in personal time.

Close the loop in the participant’s examples of PM experiences that were similar to what was encountered in the simulation.

A debrief of the entire presentation and workshop with the rest of the students post class-time.

Give parking locations to participants. Room too cold.

I can't think of any.

We were able to gain the system by setting overtime after it was not allowed.

A few more minutes on functionality of the software. (We fumbled with the program at first) (to-do list).

More explanation on fun and on hot button option/ cheat codes: example whe click on reports explaining the red line moving up or down.

Remove limitation of six assignments per resource.

Consider the frequency of team meetings. Recommendations regular team meetings get cadence.

Workshop fine. I would like to try it in a 2-day environment.

Correlation to specific classes.

Less time.

Need more details prior to using information.

Too long - maybe on 4-6 project sessions. Started to get redundant, maybe 1/2 day.

Smaller project that incorporates all the elements, but not as much time to run.

More project level control, assigning personnel to tasks not tasks to people.

This was only one day, but it covered a lot of ground. I think it was a beneficial day.

More time understanding the simulation tool.

Have a visual indicator of cell phone or door knock. Weekly team meetings and project review cost morale? Why?

Don't limit the number of assignments per person to six. Have a split screen with capability of seeing two reports at once.

Hate the sound for phone ringing.

Screen access to see Gantt chart, resources, and activities skills requirements at once on the same screen.

None - thought it was great.

Almost impossible to hear comments from participants - instructors should repeat them.

Handouts of the PPT.

None that I may think of - it was great!

Provide references on what PM resources were used as input to the development of the simulation program itself.

Ability to scheduel recurring meetings.

Comments and suggestions for the facilitators

More time explaining the software.

Cut out how/why individuals learn.

Although an understanding on how the brain works was good, for the simulation, it was unnecessary. I would have liked to have more linking to our courses.


The person with the mouse controls the project. Interesting how the original plan drives overall success.

Keep up the good work.

Very interesting.

Tell participants to bring a USB drive so they can take results home.

None - both Walt and John were very good!

Walt and John are great!

Spend a little more time explaining simulation tool before starting.

Tough to fit into the curriculum.

Let students know if you are sharing the .ppt prior to course.

N/A. Extremely well done, memorable event.


Their presentation and enthusiasm were fabulous! Thank you!

Thank you!

A book of references to learn more.

Relate simulation to real world experiences among participants.

Could send notes on discussion topics.

Provide presentation handouts for note taking.

2 days would be real good.

Imagine that a coworker asks: what was the workshop like for you? How will you respond?

As I had little exposure before to this topic, it has really peaked my interest and I will definitely further my investigation into the topic.

Interactive opportunity to learn more about project management and risk management.

Real life discussions - totally relatable.

Informative-only for individuals with prior PM experience.

Very interesting. The simulation demonstrated son real life scenarios.

A great chance to work together and learn the tools I need to be better.

Great experience and exposure to useful tool that reinforces the fundamentals and challenges of PM.

Good exercise.

Interesting - hands on.

I had a lot of fun, and this was the most I've ever learned in one day.


Beyond my expectations! I like the prearranged positions.

Reminded me of the entire array of project activities.

It is a must for any PM training.


Very interesting. The simulation was fun to use.

Very fun and interesting.

Very good interactive way of learning project management.

It makes you walk in the shoes of a project manager.

Level of engagement you experience is much higher than typical for training/workshops.

Definitely a "learning experience".

A good learning experience. Taught how my project decisions affect outcomes of project. Will weigh decisions carefully from now on.

It was beneficial to having us work together. Compete and experience an actual "business" setting.

It was great at simulating a real project, bringing in matters/issues that actually come up. It was great!

The team interaction was fun an valuable. It highlighted each member's importance t o the team's success.

It was a good opportunity to learn about the various aspects of project management and how they work together.

Very fast paced, you needed to make decisions quickly.

Interactive and entertaining.

Interactive and applicable to work.

It was great.

Enjoyed the simulation, some additional information before would have been helpful.

It was fun, and I would like more background and would be willing to look more into PM.


Interesting and fun. Useful.

Very pleasant.

Great. Please attend if you get a chance.

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