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Professional Selling Skills

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Professional Selling Skills is designed for individuals responsible for business development and/or have a customer-facing role. Critical selling skills taught in this program enable the participant to achieve annual sales goals and develop and nurture customer relationships at the appropriate levels within their clients’ organizations. Using the Logical Selling Process, participants apply sales tips and techniques to develop customer relationships and close business.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the Logical Selling Process to guide the participants through the selling process
  • Improve oral commuincation skills, specifically questioning and active listening skills
  • Establish guidelines for creating clear, concise and coherent emails
  • Develop an initial benefits statement to use in the selling process
  • Provide a variety of sales tips and techniques that can be used throughout the logical selling process
  • Enhance participant effectiveness in all business development activities through relevant application of sales strategies
  • Assess the impact of one's communication efforts on others
  • Practice various approaches to closing the sale

Topics & Content

  • Pre-call planning
  • Getting through to your audience
  • Developing an initial benefits statement
  • Effectively using email and voice mail
  • Questioning techniques
  • Discovering the prospect's needs
  • Determining the right solution
  • Overcoming objections
  • Qualifying your contact as the decision maker
  • Techniques to close the deal
  • Managing multiple account

Course Information

Course Code: PD301
Duration: 1 day
Targeted Audience: This course is designed for all personnel in the private or public workforce at the novice or entry level sales position.

  • OPM - 7 CLP(s)
  • SHRM - 7 PDC(s)

Course Feedback

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?

The team interactions.

Open conversation.

The interactive activities.

The group discussions.


Open discussions.

The material.

Group discussions. Charts about questioning, listening and closing.

Message, receiver, sender and feedback.

Communication concepts.

The introductory period during which we did some role-playing.

Group discussion on varying techniques used by team members.

The real-life examples. The role-plays were also useful.

What improvements should be made to the workshop?

Consider not printing out the slides.

More exercises and activities.

More structured interaction and less conversations that were not tied directly enough to the instruction.

Maybe more hands-on activities by which each student practices a technique and receives constructive feedback.

More role-playing, real-life demos, sample tactics, videos?

More practicing sales techniques via role-play.

More interaction.

Double sided printing, no need for big binders.

Comments and suggestions for the facilitators

The instructor was very knowledgeable and pleasant.

More focus on sales rather than communications.

Thank you!

Good refresher of basic concepts, would have preferred more challenging introspection and practice.

Imagine that a coworker asks: what was the workshop like for you? How will you respond?

Good, it focuses on building a customer relationship.

Good introductory course.

Enjoyable and thought-provoking, but lacked structure interaction.

Interesting, beneficial in understanding selling concepts.

It was a good refresher of sales communication training.

Provided a good refresher of communication and listening techniques, and provided sales techniques as well. A good "sharpen the saw" class.

Nice refresher with some good material.


The workshop was a great avenue for our team to really talk about all of the different good things we have going on.

It was good. I like it.

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