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Persuasive Presentations

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Persuasive Presentations is a two-day, instructor-led workshop that includes mini-lectures, discussions, case studies, and interactive exercises designed to improve the quality, delivery, and impact of participant's briefings and presentations. Persuasive Presentations is a workshop designed for professionals whose speeches, presentations, briefings and informal talks are expected to be of excellent quality in terms of focus, organization, support and delivery.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify areas of effectiveness
  • Target areas for growth and development in you oral communication skills
  • Increase listeners' perceptions of the presenter's credibility
  • Analyze audiences and prepare presentations with a focus on the concerns of each audience
  • Incorporate appropriate and powerful visual aids
  • Improve speaking confidence
  • Apply communication strategies
  • Assess the impact of one's communication style on other people

Topics & Content

  • Presentation planning
  • Presentation structure
  • Presentation delivery
  • Engage and connect with the audience in a variety of settings
  • Presentation preparation for impromptu and formal presentations
  • Creation of varying sizes of presentations
  • Delivering complex information
  • Creating engaging slides and visual aids
  • Responding to questions
  • Maintaining dignity, professionalism and control
  • Pivoting and bridging to responses to questions

Course Information

Course Code: PD201
Duration: 2 days
Targeted Audience: This course is ideal for all personnel in the private or public workforce at any level whose job requires presentation skills.

  • CBRN - 14 CEU(s)
  • NASBA - 16 CPE(s)
  • OPM - 14 CLP(s)
  • PMI - 14 PDU(s)
  • SHRM - 14 PDC(s)

Course Feedback

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?

Actually presenting and receiving feedback.

Actually speaking.

All of the information.

All the tools and takeaways that I knew but didn't remember.

Description of slides structure.

Everything was valuable/beneficial, but especially giving a brief [presentation] and watching others' briefs - solidified all learned concepts.

Forcing me to give a presentation and step outside of my comfort zone.

Get to learn different presentation techniques.

Getting and giving feedback to other presenters. Going over ideas/techniques.

Going over how to reduce nervousness and how to cut down on prep time.

Going to examples and picking out what was wrong. Outlining a presentation and creating a presentation from the outline.

Marci gave a really good tool/structure for planning presentations.

Methods of organizing a presentation.

Practice giving a presentation in a short amount of time.

Practicing presenting and getting feeback was the most valuable.

Presentation delivery techniques and tips. Visual aid information.


Techniques on how to study your audience prior to creating a presentation.

The actual presentation part.

The importance of giving a presentation; how to feel comfortable.

The interactive group activities.

The mix of group activities provides confidence.

The overall tips on giving a good presentation.

The presentation, although somewhat painful, was certainly helpful and great practice.

The presentations.

The worksheets and mock presentation were very helpful.

Tools for presenting, i.e., Graphics, less words, personal stories?

Use of visual aids in presentations.

Value of visuals, "less is best", stories, prep techniques.

When I gave a presentation to the group. It helps to practice the process of giving a presentation to an audience that you don't know. It helps you to learn from your mistakes.

When addressing specific number of bullets a presentation shall have, as well as other specific recommendations.

What improvements should be made to the workshop?

A little more warning that we have to brief: and a bit about introducing yourself to a group (most painful part of a lot of meetings).

Add a few icebreakers so people interact better.

Add some more small-group activities.

Breaking everything into three categories really slows down the feedback section.

Enjoyed the little tricks like holding your hands tight then letting go to get rid of nerves. Would like to see more tips like that.

Good, may be cut down to two half days instead of two full days.

I do not think the workshop really needs to extend to two days.

I don't know if it needed to be as long as it was but overall, it was a good experience.

I think it's fine as is.

I would possibly shorten the individual presentations or make group presentations. Feeback from the class dropped off after 10 or so presentations.

Ideally it would be nice to not put the presentation together outside of class because we have other work responsibilities.

Include more interactive activities during the first days to allow the class to get to know each other better.

It's hard to say everything was great.

Less time, one day looks good.

Make practice speeches shorter.

Maybe cut down on time. Two days seemed lengthy. Two half days maybe.

Maybe talk about "delivering the presentation" a day before the presentation.

More days of shorter time period.

Not sure, it was very well planned.

Possibly give everyone different scenarios to present on.

Seems to be a stretch for two full days. Felt like it could have been trimmed and still been effective.

Small time frame prior to presentations for practicing/reviewing.

Sum into one day

The information could be more condensed. There could be combined feebacks at the end of presenters' presentation.

The length of the workshop can be a little shorter than actual.

The slides didn't always display the qualities that we were being taught that slides should have.

This type of workshop will be more beneficial if it were specifically technical based so that it would relate to our job.

Try to condense to one day, or two half days.

Comments and suggestions for the facilitators


Direct presentation and workshop.

Excellent presentation. Clearly demonstrated experience in presentation performance.

Good presenter that cared.

Great class.

Great class. Very informative. Marci was awesome!

Great instructor who was personable, knew her content well, had a respectable experience background, and gave good feedback to presenters.

Great job at keeping a nice flowing class.

Great job!

I like that you kept the class very engaging.

Instructor was a great embodiment of the things we were being taught a presenter should be.

It'd be nice if the instructor was informed about everyone's role in the command.

Loved Marci's enthusiam and how she engaged the group in participating.

Maybe more on how to organize/participate in meetings?

None, you are great!

Outstanding instructor, she was engaging the entire time and knows how to control the flow of the workshop.

Thank you for teaching us effective briefing techniques.

The instructor was amazing! So kind, and clearly very knowledgeable of the subject matter. She created a comfortable environment, I learned a lot!

The instructor was great. Engineers can be a tough group to get good participation from.

Very engaging with the class. Very enthusiastic and helpful on the subject.

Very enthusiastic and professional. Presents knowledge in the subject.

Very good presenter. Could tell she loves what she does and is very informative.

You are very knowledgeable and your genuine interest is contagious.

Imagine that a coworker asks: what was the workshop like for you? How will you respond?

Awesome! You should have been there! You missed out big time!

Awsome! Learned a lot and had fun!

Best class to date - will absolutely improve new hires' presentation skills.

Definitely more beneficial than I was expecting. Instructor created a good atmosphere and coworkers were engaged.


I thought that the workshop was a positive experience.

I'd say it was a little long but overall very helpful and worth the trip.

Informative and a great opportunity to practice my public speaking skills.

Informative and helpful.

Informative, practical and a requirement to my employee.

Informative. Picked up a few skills I did not have previously.

It was a good exercise to improve your presentation skills.

It was a good experience overall.

It was a good learning experience of how to provide others with information in the workplace.

It was engaging, but I'd still rather be working!

It was good, very helpful and I now feel more prepared for my upcoming presentation.

It was good.

It was highly informational and I learned a lot.

It was interesting. Learned some stuff I should take into account when presenting.

It was long, but beneficial.

Long; but informative.

Not bad. Instructor was good and you'll have to present.

Positive experience.

Presentation was daunting but overall a very worthwhile class.

The benefit was low in comparison to how much time we spent, but I don't regret taking the class.

The workshop was great! Very informative and a great way to practice learned concepts. Excellent!

Too long, should only be one day.

Very informative, if a little long.

Very informative.

Yes it did!

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