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PM Team Leader

The e-learning course "PM Team Leader" introduces to the soft skills that a project managers needs to lead a project team successfully. It gives a good understanding of self-management and team leadership.

With the help of video examples, the participants need to evaluate particular situations and to take the decisions. The reactions to the taken decisions immediately show if the counterparts are pleased or not.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • apply a sound knowledge of team management, chairing meetings, negotiation, and conflict management
  • be confronted with difficult situations during project planning and executions
  • to find solutions to problems that arise within project teams or with other project stakeholders.

Topics & Content

The e-learning course comprises the following topics:

  • setting up and leading a team, teamwork and performance
  • launching a virtual team, appropriate rules and tools for leading and supervising a team
  • preparing and managing meetings
  • organization and time management, definition and follow-up of priorities
  • conflict solving
  • negotiation basics and principles (preparation, techniques, solution)
  • communication and relationships

Course Information

Course Code: PM153
Duration: 12 hours
Targeted Audience: This course is intended for people who have to manage a project or a team, project managers who have to run complex projects with a variety of stakeholders involved, subject matter specialists who are looking for an introduction to the soft skills needed in project management, and project managers who want to prepare for certification.

  • PMI - 12 PDU(s)

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