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How to Be Your Best on Camera

With social media, a bad (or good) video appearance never really goes away. It’s more important than ever to be prepared for on-camera interviews, presentations and opportunities to tell a story the way you want it heard. With our half-day workshop developed with a professional video producer-director and camera crew, you will learn how to make the impression you intend.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the magnitude and impact of video versus other communicating tools
  • Build your on-camera confidence
  • Media training to stay on message and bridge to key objectives
  • Understand the factors you can control that influence the impression you make
  • Recognizing the skill differences needed for live presentations versus being on-camera
  • Develop skills to increase trust, engagement, and effective communication skills

Topics & Content

  • Adopting the on-camera style that's right for you
  • Delivering on-camera messages that are congruent with your body language and tone
  • Pre-production preparation including what to wear (and avoid), the importance of clearly writing out your message and practicing it out loud, the role of sleep
  • "Warm-ups" and direction for engaging your viewer through your body language, eyes and voice
  • Building trust, engagement, and understanding
  • Conveying excitement and conviction
  • Creating action

Course Information

Course Code: PD207
Duration: 4 hours
Targeted Audience: Executives, Directors, Managers, Anyone that may represent your company on video

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