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Harassment Avoidance and Retaliation Prevention

In 90 minutes, your managers will be given insight and clarity into the ramifications of this behavioral problem, the different types of harassment – physical, visual, and verbal, and how to manage, minimize, and prevent it. It’s important to know that a manager’s inappropriate response, or lack of any response to a harassment complaint, can result in devastating liability for the employee and the company.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the magnitude of the harassment problem
  • Understand the serious nature of harassment for the employees and company
  • Determine responsibility of the "harasser" and the "target"
  • Identify organizational risk factors that can lead to harassment
  • Knowing management's responsibilities in the event of harassment

Topics & Content

  • Definitions of physical, visual and verbal harassment
  • Gender, sexual, age, ethnic and other types of harassment
  • Why some people are reluctant to report harassment
  • Responsibilities of those who observe or to whom it is reported
  • The two crucial factors in identifying abuse
  • Organizational risk factors that increase likelihood of harassment
  • Case studies of harassment problems and outcomes
  • How to respond to a complaint, and how not to respond
  • Preventing harassment in the workplace

Course Information

Course Code: PD206
Duration: 90 minutes
Targeted Audience: Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, First line managers, Human Resources personnel, Everyone with managerial responsibility, Executives

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