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Diversity Awareness

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A survey by Korn/Ferry International found that more than 2 million people leave their jobs each year due to unfairness in the workplace. Diversity Awareness, fostering an environment of inclusivity, sensitivity, and respect in the workplace, explores the subtle ways that these limitations occur and how to combat them while building respectful interactions. This course defines diversity in broad terms, recognizing that people see differences in varying ways from educational background to personal attributes and experiences, among other areas. Professionals at every level will learn how to take proactive steps to find and capitalize on unique skills as well as exercise flexible thinking and seek personal growth.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the subtle ways that bias occurs
  • Identify instances of devaluing others through small, subconscious behaviors and micro-inequities
  • Establish a framework to increase inclusion at the organizational level
  • Recognize different ways of conveying respect
  • Address conflict productively and respectfully
  • Lead by example and be part of the solution

Topics & Content

  • Group activity: What does an inclusive workplace look like?
  • Definitions of diversity
  • Behaviors that create separation
  • Fostering a culture of inclusion
  • Lead by example

Course Information

Course Code: PD105
Duration: 4 hours
Targeted Audience: This course is designed for personnel in the private or public workforce that wish to improve their diversity awareness.

Course Feedback

What parts of the workshop were most valuable and/or beneficial to you?

Self-assessments and group activities.

Understanding this shift in thinking, reference diversity, given equivocal results related to change failing training.

Open dialogue, sharing experiences and group activities.

Open, honest dialogue. Linking the PSU website about how these discussions pointing to "spaces of safety" for discussions made applicable to the real world.

Material; presentation, and group sessions

Learning from each other. Incorporation of recent literature.

The mix of material and group interactions.

The exercises and workgroups participation were most beneficial to me.

Breakout group discussions - hearing from my coworkers - ideas and areas for improvement.

Good group exercises and discussions.

Discussion about diversity types. For example the extrovert versus introvert characteristics.

What improvements should be made to the workshop?

Try to stay more on schedule, so as not to run out of time for all of the material

One thing I noticed is that the images in the presentation are not very diverse and towards her age rage appearance (e.g. weight). Having more diverse images would help us think what diversity looks like.

Please use double-sided printing to reduce the amount of paper used.

I don't see the need for improvement. Excellent job!

Making sure the workspace is full of participants.

This is my favorite thus far. Again, though; linking to emotional intelligence, why must the discussion always be watered down? That is unfair to my comfort level, and I feel these needs to be viewed fairly likely to for more passive people.

Comments and suggestions for the facilitators

John was very nice, respectful, and I look forward to the next class.

Great job, John! Thanks!

Consider the pace or length to cover material in future sessions; could have been a little longer.

No suggestions; I really enjoyed the class

Imagine that a coworker asks: what was the workshop like for you? How will you respond?

The workshop was very beneficial to me. It taught me that diversity is not always about color, gender, etc. Diversity is broad and includes different types of thinking.

Good experience. Recommend to others.

It was very enlightening!

Good use of time; provided insights.

Interesting and useful. We should put some of this in practice.

The workshop was a good learning experience that provided me with insight on how to work effectively with my colleagues.

It was interesting, yet too long.

Time passed very quickly. Surprised that the day went by so fast.

Good use of time - would recommend to others.

Very informative and thought-provoking

My favorite thus far.

Useful and informative. Recommend taking it. But, would have been more useful to have a full class where the group activities would have brought more perspectives and opinions to the dialogue.

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