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Advanced Consultative Solution Selling

This workshop is designed for individuals selling solutions, as opposed to physical products, that are responsible for business development and have a customer-facing role. Sales techniques and skills taught in this program enable the participant to achieve annual sales goals, build rapport, and develop customer relationships at the appropriate levels within their clients’ organizations. Using questioning techniques, the salesperson helps the customer see the problems they must address and positions the solution such that it resolves those issues.

Learning Objectives

  • Define strong performance when identifying sales opportunities at an advanced level
  • Connect performance to business goals
  • Pick up on subtle cues and hints to drill down and direct questioning beyond the information prospects originally provide
  • Apply advanced questioning techniques to identify the prospect's purchasing philosophy, values, the big picture, current level of satisfaction, history current needs, and goals for the future
  • Draw on your current knowledge base to determine appropriate mix of questions to ask
  • Leverage "escape hatch" strategies if questioning leads to inappropriate or overly complex topics
  • Clearly and concisely summarize opportunities identified and transition to solution positioning

Topics & Content

  • Objective setting
  • Four-Step sales model
  • Critical selling skills
  • Listening Assessment: Picking up the Cues
  • Advanced questioning strategies
  • Confirming prospect needs
  • Acknowledging prospect concerns
  • When to change your approach
  • Summarizing needs
  • Transition to solution positioning

Course Information

Course Code: PD302
Duration: 2 days
Targeted Audience: This course is designed for all personnel in the private or public workforce in sales.

  • OPM - 14 CLP(s)
  • SHRM - 14 PDC(s)

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