What your peers are planning for 2016

The results are in! On behalf of all of us at Merit Career Development, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in our 2nd annual 3-Question Training Planning Survey last month. As promised, we are reporting on the results – which have, interestingly, shifted even from a year ago. Hot Topics Although project management professionals …

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Crossfit Training; Your Body and Your Mind

The start of a new year brings with it many changes, professionally as well as personally. Many of us choose to start the New Year by making goals and resolutions, whether resolving to stick to a budget, or picking up a new hobby. Mine? I’m in the majority of the population: lose weight. To help …

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Do You Know Your WHY?

Most people know what they do. Some understand how they do it. Few people take the time to understand why they do what they do. (And no, the answer is not to make money!) As an organization committed to inspiring others to enrich their career, the team at Merit Career Development conducted a “Why” exercise …

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Learn How To Close The Framing Gap …

And Better Decision-Making Will Follow From emotions to the time of day, it is often the little things that impact our ability to make a swift and accurate decision. A range of factors can compound the challenges in making good choices, both directly and indirectly. The framing effect is what happens when an individual applies a specific …

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Supply Chain Talent Crisis Looms

More than half of executives at U.S.-based global companies say they are not confident their supply chain organizations have the competencies they need today, according to the 2015 Supply Chain Survey from Deloitte.

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Why Active Listening Makes You Better at Your Job

When it comes to managing projects, poor communications can result in increased project scope, the loss of multimillion dollar sales, and costly lawsuits. Since effective communication is grounded in the ability to listen effectively, perfecting this skill is well worth the effort.

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5 Tips to Prioritizing When a Project Runs Into Trouble

Changes Ahead sign; iStock

Even the most carefully planned project can run into trouble. Whatever the issue, the challenge of finding a solution falls to the project manager. Here are some useful tips to help adjust the plan.

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3 Reasons Why a PM Credential is Essential

Young team_PM Credential; photo credit iStock

Whether you’re yearning to get a real job or a better one, the struggle to make your résumé stand out from the competition can be a demoralizing impediment to landing the right position.

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The Five Principles of Supply Chain Management

supply chain mgmt

. . . an Innovative Approach to Managing Uncertainty. Innovations in information technology have enabled companies to adopt supply chain management as a critical element of their corporate strategies. Despite these breakthroughs, many companies have not fully realized the benefits of constructing collaborative relationships with supply chain partners. Professor Jack Muckstadt of Cornell University and …

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6 Steps to Resolving Personality Conflicts

Personality conflicts on the team

Project managers have to manage conflict. Teams are human, after all, and arguments can arise for all sorts of reasons, from disagreements over workflow to competing priorities. When conflicts arise, it’s the PM’s job to keep everyone moving forward, putting them together to thrash out technical differences or reach a compromise on resources.

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