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Assessments are a vital source of information for learners as well as teachers and trainers. Given a baseline of their knowledge, the individual can create a meaningful personal development plan that focuses on areas requiring assistance. Such baselines help reduce personal misconceptions of one's skills and abilities.

Curriculum developers and education staff use the aggregate group results throughout the instructional design process to analyze and set objectives, build content, and evaluate training success.

To be of value, the assessment must meet rigorous statistical analyses which identify problematic items-defects such as poorly written questions and/or responses, distractors, multidimensionality and bias.

The assessments developed by Merit Career Development have undergone demanding statistical tests and meet acceptable measures of validity and reliability. As such they prove an accurate measure of an individual's knowledge or skill set, and can be aggregated by an organization for instructional design purposes.

If your organization is interested in using any of our assessments for such purposes, please contact us.